AI Planning

AI Planning Solvers Online

Planning as a Service (PaaS) is an extendable API to deploy planners online in local or cloud servers at The University of Melbourne is an open-source robotic platform to explore problems on AI and Automation (Planning, Vision, Learning) for small scale agricultural experiments.

Width Based Planning

Width Based Planning searches for solutions through a general measure of state novelty. Performs well over black-box simulators and PDDL problems.


Planimation is a framework to visualise sequential solutions of planning problems specified in PDDL

An introduction to the planning domain definition language

Planning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that seeks to automate reasoning about plans, most importantly the reasoning that goes into formulating a plan to achieve a given goal in a given situation. AI planning is model-based: a planning …

Classical Planners

Awarded top performance classical planners in serveral International Planning Competitions 2008 - 2019


Invariants, Traps, Un-reachability Certificates, and Dead-end Detection

AI 4 Education

Software to support AI courses in Mel & RMIT Unis (Melbourne, AUS)

Arcade Learning Environment

Classical Planners playing Atari 2600 games as well as Deep Reinforcement Learning

Linear Temporal Logic, Planning and Synthesis

classical planners computing infinite loopy plans, and FOND planners synthesizing controllers expressed as policies.