Planimation is a modular and extensible open source framework to visualise sequential solutions of planning problems specified in PDDL. We introduce a preliminary declarative PDDL-like animation profile specification, expressive enough to synthesise animations of arbitrary initial states and goals of a benchmark with just a single profile.


Planimation was developed as a final year project by students at the Univeristy of Melbourne. Here’s a promotional video explaining the motivation behind planimation.

Planimation is an open-source program which visualises solutions to Planning Problems. It is an executable Unity architecture in a browser.

Watch the video below for a 2 minutes introduction about Planimation.


ICAPS 2019 Best System Demonstration

Recipient of the ICAPS 2019 Best system Demo Award.

Melbourne School of Engineering - Endeavour 2018

Endeavour Exhibition discovers final-year industry, design and research projects developed by our engineering and IT masters students.

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Citing Planimation

Technical Report - ICAPS 2019 System Demonstration

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Nir Lipovetzky
Nir Lipovetzky
Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence

My interests span across research areas in AI planning, search, learning, verification, constraint programming, operations research and intention recognition.