AI Planning Solvers Online


Planning as a service (PaaS) provides an extendable API to deploy planners online in local or cloud servers.

The service provides a queue manager to control a set of workers, which can easily be extended with one of several planners available in PLANUTILS.

PaaS is designed to overcome the limitations of the Legacy online interface and widen the adoption of planning. The current API is has been exposed through and currently deployed packages are listed here: The solvers can be used through the

Demo Video


This project has been a collaboration between Queen’s University, Canada and The University of Melbourne, Australia. A submission has been made to ICAPS 2023 System Demonstations track by Yi Ding, Cam Cunningham, Christian Muise, and Nir Lipovetzky.

This work has been partially funded by AIJ to promote AI Research - ”Enabling Education of AI Planning”


Associate Professor in Artificial Intelligence

My interests span across research areas in AI planning, search, learning, verification, constraint programming, operations research and intention recognition.