Fast and accurate data-driven goal recognition using process mining techniques


The problem of goal recognition requests to automatically infer an accurate probability distribution over possible goals an autonomous agent is attempting to achieve in the environment. The state-of-the-art approaches for goal recognition operate under full knowledge of the environment and possible operations the agent can take. This knowledge, however, is often not available in real-world applications. Given historical observations of the agents' behaviors in the environment, we learn skill models that capture how the agents achieved the goals in the past. Next, given fresh observations of an agent, we infer their goals by diagnosing deviations between the observations and all the available skill models. We present a framework that serves as an outline for implementing such data-driven goal recognition systems and its instance system implemented using process mining techniques. The evaluations we conducted using our publicly available implementation confirm that the approach is well-defined, i.e., all system parameters impact its performance, has high accuracy over a wide range of synthetic and real-world domains, which is comparable with the more knowledge-demanding state-of-the-art approaches, and operates fast.

Artificial Intelligence