Unplannability IPC Track


The majority of research in the field of automated planning focuses on the synthesis of plans for problems that are solvable. We propose an IPC track to focus on the important and understudied area of unplannibility: proving that a planning problem is unsolvable. We will focus on classical planning problems, as methods for determining whether or not unplannability can have wider applications for classical planning problems (eg, recognizing and avoiding deadends in the state space) as well as solving planning problems with uncertainty (eg, identifying when a deterministic approximation of the problem is unsolvable). The unplannability track follows similar contests in other fields; for example, the UNSAT track for the field of Boolean Satisfiability. In a similar vein, we hope that the introduction of an unplannability track will foster new innovation for techniques dedicated to identifying planning problems that cannot be solved.

The International Planning Competition (WIPC-15)